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about Brian Roberts Roofing Ashville ALWe’ve been roofing homes throughout St Clair County going on 3 generations and we live, work, and play here. While there are a few roofing companies who serve this area too, our reputation is for outstanding quality and fair and reasonable pricing.

Because we’re local, we are quick to address any warranty items that may arise during the life of your roof. Additionally, when we get severe weather, you can trust us to make needed repairs fast. This prevents costly water damage and gives you peace of mind knowing that we’re not from out of state.

Our Roofing Process.

First and foremost, we don’t cut corners on roofing materials or installation procedures. For a roof replacement, the first thing we do is protect the areas around your home to prevent accidental damage. This includes bushes, shrubs, plants, and other items. We quickly and carefully remove the old roofing materials down to the decking. Then, we make any necessary repairs to the decking, vents, or other areas. Next, we install waterproof underlayment, pipe boots, flashing, and drip-edge.

Once we’re through installing the new roof, we completely clean up our mess. In fact, we’re so thorough in our clean-up that the only way to know that we were there is the beautiful new roof on your house!

Our Mission.

Our mission is, was, and will always be to install the best roof at a great price with outstanding customer service. It’s important to us to communicate with you before, during, and after your new roof is installed. That, in and of itself should let you know why we’re different from most other roofers.

The Result.

Because of everything you just read above, Brian Roberts Roofing is being recommended more and more by homeowners and their friends and families. Whether you are new to living in St Clair County, AL, or have been here for generations as we have, you’ll always get our very best.

About Brian Roberts Roofing

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