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roof replacement services st clair county alWhile a quality roof can last for decades, roof replacement is an eventual necessity for every home or business. Let us walk you through the process of protecting your investments.

Removing your old roof and installing a new one is what we do better than anyone else. When quality and value matter, let us replace your roof.
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We can work within most budgets, with financing available for every replacement job, which comes with up to a 50 year warranty. So before you tell yourself this essential service is just too expensive, talk to us and see just how affordable it can be.

Best Roof Replacement in St Clair County

Our knowledgeable roofers will help you decide on the best roofing materials for your home. Since there are a variety from which to choose, we’ll make deciding easy. Then they will strip off the old shingles and properly dispose of them. Before applying new ones, they will inspect the wood decking beneath and repair or replace any rotted or damaged panels. Next, we’ll lay and install new waterproof underlayment.

If there are any attic ventilation issues, they’ll get addressed at this time. A poorly ventilated attic traps heat, driving up air conditioning bills in summer. It can also trap moisture, which encourages the growth of mildew as well as wood rot.

As the new shingles are applied, roof flashing and pipe boots will also be installed around roofing protrusions such as chimneys and pipes. This prevents leaks where these objects meet the shingles and eliminates emergency roof repairs later.

Roof Replacement Services

Of course, not all roofs are the same, but we can provide affordable roof replacement no matter what type of roof you need. Our roof replacement services include:
• Shingle Roof – The most common material for individual homes, shingles come in a variety of shapes and colors in order to beautify as well as protect.
• Metal Roof – An alternative to the shingle roof is a metal one, which provides significant protection while being low maintenance.
• Flat Roof – Single and metal roofed buildings are angled in order to allow rain to wash off them. Flat roofs pose their own unique challenges as they are sealed with a variety of materials to keep out water.

Call us now for a roof replacement estimate, and ask about our financing options. Let us give you the piece of mind of a quality roof that will be protecting your home for decades.

We provide affordable roof replacement throughout St Clair County Alabama, including: Ashville, Springville, Odenville, Moody, Argo, Ragland, Steele, Margaret and Riverside, AL.

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