Storm Damage Roof Repair

storm damage roofing services st clair county alStorm damage roof repair is something most of us will need at some time in the life of our house or business.

Did you get damage from last night’s storm or from one before? Don’t wait to make the needed repairs! Call (205) 395-3060 for a free estimate today.

Whether high winds have ripped off shingles or debris has damaged a coating, you need immediate help to keep your problem from getting worse.

Whatever type of roof you have, from asphalt shingles to metal panels to flat roofs, we offer quality and affordable repairs and replacement.

Storm Damage Roofers Near Me

When your roof takes a hit from one of Alabama’s nasty storms, you need help right away. A quick search of storm damage roofers near me is the first thing most homeowners in St Clair County do. Since we’re a local emergency roofing company, chances are we are located closer to you than others.

Damage can also be found in relation to the roof. The soffits, which are the underside of the roof overhang, and fascias, which are the edges of the roof, and which are often covered by gutters, may also require repair.

If significant debris such as large branches are resting on your roof, do not attempt to move it. Leave that work to the expert roofers near you like Brian Roberts Roofing.

After Storm Roof Inspection

After a major storm, take a look at your roof from the ground. Are there shingles missing, out of place, or damaged? Stay Safe! Always inspect your roof from the ground. Climbing a roof is dangerous, and even more so after a storm when the roof is wet, debris is underfoot, and shingles have a greater potential for being unstable. Leave the ladder in the garage and call Brian Roberts Roofing for the best storm damage roof repair.

Maybe other objects are out of place or missing, such as the metal flashing that join your roof to objects like chimneys. Did major debris rake across the roof, and is it still there? Rain is not your foremost danger when it comes to damaging a roof. Roofs can handle the pound of rain. It’s the gusts of wind that tear off shingles, so consider that when you decide to inspect your roof for damage.

We provide affordable storm damage roof repair throughout St Clair County Alabama, including: Ashville, Springville, Odenville, Moody, Argo, Ragland, Steele, Margaret and Riverside, AL.

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